Will AG Sean Reyes Stand for Utah Students or Large Student Loan Lenders? Guess!

Eighteen State Attorneys General have joined a lawsuit against billionaire Education Secretary DeVos. Utah's Sean Reyes loves to join lawsuits against the feds. Want to bet Reyes will NOT be there for Utah students? Here are the details: Until Obama, in addition to getting non-dischargeable payments back on their student loans portfolios, loan collectors for defaulted student loans could tack on an additional 16% FEE. In 2015, Obama ordered those fees dropped for borrowers who started repaying their debt immediately after defaulting.


But in March, DeVos overturned the Obama ban. She said the prior administration failed to get input from the public before changing the rule. Yea, that's the problem--public input!


Now Attorney Generals across America are going to court to fight for their students! So, Sean – shock us. Join together with the other AG's and stand up for Utah students. Don't let the largest financial institutions in America gouge more from students who are already struggling to pay back student loans! Fair is fair.

To read more http://money.cnn.com/2017/07/06/pf/college/betsy-devos-lawsuit-student-loan-rule/index.html