Why Damn Dabakis?

Not long ago in a legislative committee hearing, when a huge tax break for one huge international corporation was about to be voted on, I spoke to the motion (and eventually cast the only dissenting vote). As I was about to speak, I heard one of my colleagues say, “DamnDabakis, can’t he count votes?”

YES, DamnDabakis can count votes, but he cannot just let the unjust zip by unchallenged. Whether it is a juicy tax exemption for a special interest corporation or standing up for woman in the workforce. I promise to stand up for everyday Utah citizens and speak up and out--no matter how big the machine on the other side!

DamnDabakis was created to give hundreds of thousands of fair-minded, anti-machine-politics Utahns all across our state a voice! DamnDabakis is a road to change the old boy network that has ruled politics of our state for a long, long time. I believe that if we work together, we – the hundreds of thousands of fair-minded Utahans – can change the stifling, right-wing cowering political stranglehold that has held sway in our beloved land for so long. I believe that the majority of the people in our state share common sense values and not with those of the extremists that dominate Utah political life today.