Why Jason Quit. Because, As Usual, It is All About Jason (And the Vanity Fair Story)

All the 'why did Jason quit'. Not tough to guess.

It was fun to be in charge of 'investigations' when the Democrats were in power. Political hayday! Benghazi and Hillary's emails ad Infinium.

But there is NO upside for Jason to preside over scrutinizing the multiple pus sores of the Trump regime. So, Jason will quit the House. My guess is he will try and get a gig in NYC working for Fox (Mike Huckabee made $1 million a year as a 'commentator').


That failed, he will bring the cott home. He will take a no-work/high salary job with a Utah County pyramid sales company or maybe a high tech start-up.

Jason then runs for governor over next few years. And, should Hatch stumble--expect Jason's hat will be in the ring faster than a Provo waiter can swoop up a $5 tip! Read Vanity Fair story BREAK

He was ready for the Senate in 2012 until suddenly and unexpectedly the Hatch people somehow convinced Jason to drop out of the race.

Vanity Fair Story