UTAH--Taking People Off the Street--and Putting Them Into Our Classrooms!

There is a teacher shortage emergency in Utah! Remote San Juan County solved their shortage. They gave teachers a HUGE raise. The rest of the state should try that. The state's absurd solution to classrooms without teachers (and a spit into the eye of hardworking dedicated Utah teachers) is to drop all teaching credential requirements and to let anyone with any degree stroll into a Utah classroom and immediately start to teach. A grand social engineering experiment in the history of American education by the legislature--necessitated by a continuing stubborn disavowal to properly fund Utah K-12.

The state is delusional. Our policy supposes that anyone off the street can pop into 5 or 6 classes a day, filled with 30-35 junior high school kids and teach them math! WITH NO TRAINING! No credential necessary.

Imagine that.

Then, as a final act of disrespect, guess who the state asks to TRAIN these 'off-the-street' teachers? You got it, our overworked, disrespected, underpaid teachers.

This is inconceivable! The state is responsible but too many in the UTAH EDUCATION ESTABLISHMENT are collaborating with state officials. Stop trying to thread this horrendous needle. STAND UP!

Education leaders, elected officials and teacher representatives--stop saying 'All is well, All is well'. Almost all of Utah Education Inc is afraid, no they are terrified, to speak out. Afraid to speak of just how dire things are. Afraid to tell the truth to Utah families.

They are mightily afraid, lest the mighty beast of the GOP state legislature and GOP governor punish them. How has not speaking out worked out over the last 30 years?

Have courage. ROAR or just shut up and roll over for another 30 years!

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