Utah Stinks at Diversity in our Judiciary. But, Here are Two Good Nominees.

In Judicial diversity, Utah ranks much as it does in education funding. At or near the bottom of the totem pole. Lower than Idaho, Wyoming and Mississippi. And everyone has an excuse. But nothing changes. Nonetheless, I take this judge issue very seriously. On your behalf I meet personally with every prospective Utah State Judge (from Juvenile to Supreme Court) for an hour or two.

Not at the beautiful but pretentious Capitol, but here at the humble Cafe on First Avenue. A no holds barred chat. I want to see what's going on in their soul before they come to the Senate Judicial Confirmation Committee. Today I was very impressed with Governor Herbert's nominees, Diana Hagen and Ryan Harris. If confirmed by full Senate, they will serve on the Utah Court of Appeals (our second highest Court).

I predict that Utah will be better for their service.