Utah Primary Elections: Five Endorsed Candidates, Five Victories

We don’t endorse a lot, but when we do, they usually win.

In the Salt Lake City Council Avenue's race, conservative businessman Phil Carroll took (33 percent) and progressive, young attorney Chris Wharton received (33 percent)--they will move on. Liberal Laura Cushman (20 percent) ran a great race and I predict has a bright political future in the Capitol City. We endorsed Chris.

In the Country Club/Sugarhouse Council seat, Progressive attorney Amy Fowler captured 41 percent. She will battle Abe Smith who was second with 23 percent of the vote. Ben Haynes finished 3rd with 11 percent. Ben is a terrifically talented young Democrat who worked his guts out in his first run for public office. Ben will be heard from for many years in Utah politics. We endorsed Amy.

A very hard working, articulate, capable Sophia Hawes-Tingey will be in the finals for Mayor in Midvale. There were five candidates, she placed second. Sophia is a transgender candidate. We endorsed Sophia.   

Congrats to Marcia White, Ogden City Council, At-Large Seat moving on to the General Election, receiving an impressive primary total of 49.87 percent of the vote! We endorsed Marcia.

Congrats to Nina Pettit Morse West Haven City Council Nina will be moving on to the General Election. We endorsed Nina.