Utah on Climate Change: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Evil Gone

Let it be noted for history, that as late as the summer of 2017, the Utah Legislature and our Governor simply refuse to even discuss climate change and its effect on our state! They live in denial--risking so much for their grandchildren and beyond, rather than face--heads-up--to the inconvenient political truth of climate change reality, right here in Utah.

For example, my bill to join a group of other western states in asking the National Science Foundation to study the long term impact on the Colorado River from climate change, went down in a Utah Senate committee by a 5-1 vote. “Not something we really need to know,” said one member of the committee. “Just one more study.”


A 2015 ASU study showed nearly half of the value of Utah's gross state product — $34.6 billion — would be lost in the absence of Colorado River water for just one full year. The study shows that direct losses to Utah's economy would stand at 483,000 jobs and nearly $22.2 billion in labor income. Utah gets an estimated 22% of its agricultural water from the Colorado River, and 34% of its municipal and industrial water supplies come from the "Nile" of the West. BUT, inexplicably, the state does not want to study, plan or try and deal with climate change in Utah.

See no evil, hear no evil, plan for no evil.