Utah Legislature & Governor Have Had A Generation of Blah, Blah on Clean Air. It’s Time for 1) Serious Action or 2) Electing People Who WILL Take Strong Action Against Pollution!

Utah air has got better over the last 30 years. But that is NOT because of state leaders, it is DESPITE them.

The good that has come on air is as a result of Federal EPA rules and regulations (imagine what we would be breathing without the Feds). No Utah rule has ever been stronger than the EPA’s lowest standard. The GOP state elected officials has fought, bit, kicked, and stalled every serious EPA change. Now, with Trump’s EPA--who knows what we will be breathing in a few years.

Don’t allow them to BS you. Enough with the blah, blah, blah. Serious, major clean air initiatives are possible--and wanted--by most Utahns! It’s just the GOP State elected officials, who are not hearing the message. Stay tuned, I will you keep you up to date during the 2018 Session!