Utah Judge Rules Partisan Election of State School Board is Unconstitutional

The 15 member State Board of Education is a dysfunctional mess. In Utah, it is not the Governor nor the legislature that runs the $4 billion dollar business of K-12 education. It is this wacky Board that exercises “general control and supervision” over K-12 education.

The Board spends their time on too many ideological crusades like Common Core and reducing federal funding--while the urgent weighty educational matters go dark (not all, there are some GREAT members, next post I will tell you who's-who). Many on the Board are eerily off fighting for Bannon, Trump and for 'state sovereignty'--as our children languish, mired in 50th place in education spending.

Absurdly, to rectify this problem of ideologues on the Board, the legislature decided to politicize the offices. Last session, they voted to let the GOP caucuses decide who gets on the Board. Turning the Board political. Can you imagine a worse solution? It is like putting Roy Moore in charge of a Jr High Ballet Program! Nonetheless, that's what the Republicans did. Now there is a court battle. The good guys won round one. We will see what happens on appeal.

The real solution, to the Board problem is to have the Governor APPOINT Board members. Just as he now appoints the Board of Regents. And if the Gov screws up--then the people can throw the bum out of office!