Three State School Board Members Said NO to Our Kids Seeing Hamilton! I Promise, We Are Going To Get Involved In These Elections!

Three said NO to Hamilton, the musical! State School Board members Lisa Cummins (Salt Lake and Utah County), Michelle Boulter (Iron and Washington Counties--home of the amazing Shakespeare Festival) and Joel Wright (from very pure Utah County) voted against the motion to allow Utah kids to see the show. The NO Board members objected to bad words, that the $10 ticket price is too high and that the musical's history didn't conform to their view of US history. Three members of the often dysfunctional Utah State School Board voted to keep Utah children away from the Broadway touring production of the much-honored and loved show at the Eccles Theater this spring.

Maybe the hottest ticket ever on Broadway, Hamilton is coming to Salt Lake in 2018. Due to the astonishing generosity of "Hamilton" creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, 2,300 Utah students will be allowed to see the show at the Eccles for $10! (Normal ticket price range $200-$1200.) The entire SL run will (I think) sell out within minutes of going on sale. Details TBA.

State School Board members Joel Wright (from very pure Utah County) voted against the motion. Mr. Wright, an attorney for However, there is a good Broadway ending. The rest of the Board voted to approve the arrangement--so the children will see the show (of course after a parental permission form is returned; a form that warns of the bad words).

Kudos to the state Department of Heritage and Arts, State School Board member Spencer Stokes, Speaker Greg Hughes and MagicSpace Entertainment who made this happen. I am so thrilled that a group of Utah Title 1 school children will have this life-changing experience! I love Utah. I love our arts and culture!

Watch as the opening song from the show was performed in public for the FIRST time at the White House in 2011. At the beginning, the crowd laughs at the whole idea, then they are mesmerized.