This Illustrates the Whole Trump Problem

President Trump told the members of his golf club in New Jersey that the White House is 'a real dump' according to an upcoming article in Sports Illustrated. 

Mr. President, I have been to the White House three times. I consider each visit to be one of the greatest privileges of my life. The memory of climbing the stairs into the grand entrance of the main lobby, with the Marine band playing, holding my husband's hand, standing there in the hallway between the East Room and the State Dining Room brought me an embarrassing wave of emotion.

In that sacred building, I was not a Democrat or Republican, neither a liberal nor a conservative. I was an American. Awed and engulfed in our common history. 

To be in the rooms where Lincoln walked, Franklin Roosevelt oversaw the war, where Kennedy paced during the Missile Crisis--is an honor every American should have. Mr. President, to be allowed to live and work there should be a treasured experience beyond imagination. 

The gold may not glitter and the ivory may not be as pure as in Trump Tower, but the honor, dignity and soul of America are in that building. It represents so much to us as a people. 

These comments by Trump may be the most telling of his presidency.