The Common Core Debate is a Trojan Horse to Take Us Away From Real Issues in Utah Education

With all the braggin the Gov and legislature has been doing about new funding over last few years---SORRY UTAH, WE ARE STILL DEAD LAST! LAST! What Utah politicians love about the endless Common Core bickering is that it distracts. It keeps parents, taxpayers and voters away from getting aroused about the real pressing matter in Utah education-the generational dereliction of duty, under total GOP leadership, on providing even survival funding for K-12!

The dysfunctional State Board of Education, Legislature and Governor are obsessed with this minor set of grade-level standards for mathematics and English. The tin foil hat crowd sees Common Core as a 'socialist program' that must be wiped out, even if it costs state taxpayers (and our children, $100 million dollars).


As long as Utahns are consumed in Common Core bickering the politicos hope that they will not notice our children are being strangled by a system that simply refuses to fund education!

The Common Core freakshow distraction allows Utah elected policymakers, who have been driving the school bus off the cliff (on very well manicured state roads) for generations, to get away with ignoring (hush tone) 'funding matters.' Our state spent, in the last reporting year $6,575 per pupil. Wyoming spent $13,985. Utah has been the dead last state in spending for 29 years in a ROW! (According to the U.S. Census Bureau's annual state education report just out.)

Like a magician who distracts the gaze of the audience while the real manipulation is happening, Utah electeds have used Common Core to distract parents, taxpayers and the people from the serious education issues. I beg you, concentrate your vote next time on those who focus on fixing Utah's real, existential education problems. Avoid the manipulators who love to draw attention and division to the disingenuous frenzy.