SITLA Plays Blackmail Card, Demands State Pay or They Will Block State Land to Utah Sportsman!

BLACKMAIL! SITLA manages lots of State Land. They provide a mere 1% of K-12 education money. They believe their mission is only about money-money-money. There is no balanced approach in their land management. They are tyrants and bullies. Exempting themselves from local zoning.

They would sell strip mall plots in Grand Escalante, build dumps in Teasdale and lease out oil wells in Canyonland--all to keep the dinky 1% flowing.

SILTA has been a great camouflage for the drill, drill, drill crowd to get leases anywhere--no matter how sensitive the land.

And unlike the big fossil fuel companies they shill for, SITLA always has the excuse that that they might be betraying our public land, but it is for the 'children'.

Now, SITLA wants to take the most popular hunting, fishing and outdoor rec places in the state and charge taxpayers millions--charge Utahns millions to recreate on our own state land!

SITLA is now demanding the state either pay SITLA millions of dollars (and of course, SILTA keeps a percent management fee) OR SITLA will block off the public land to the public. If they are not paid millions of public dollars, SITLA threatens to create private hunting grounds for a few very wealthy people (most from out of state). I am serious. That's blackmail.

SITLA is holding a gun to the state's outdoors community. Herbert says he is negotiating with SITLA--that scares me. What the hell--the Governor picked the SITLA board. Tell them to get serious or fire them!

Time to change the law. Time to change SITLA's mission of service to big oil and the uber wealthy. Time for the people to grab the land away from the exploiters, drillers, frackers and exclusionists. Time for balanced, reasonable land management from SITLA.

And next time you hear SITLA yelping about 'the children'--remember they are selling out all future Utah children for a very small 1% of educational funding. Thirty pieces of silver.

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