Simple Solution: Medicaid for Everyone!

Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have a common sense workable, affordable plan! Read more about it

Obama Care is 'not sustainable they say'. But Utah leaders have no answer. Here is one that will work.

Keep ObamaCare for now. Shift to Medicaid to everyone. Start with people 55-65. Take 2 or 3 years. Implement it slow. Work out the kinks. Then go to 45-55. Until, everyone has a place to get care, Medicaid. VA is government health care. So are Medicaid and Medicare. Not perfect but better than soulless for profit insurance companies and the mindlessness of employers providing health care. Who thought up the workplace as a responsible party to give out health insurance anyway? Bad idea. If Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman want to go to private doctors--great. This would not end the private practice, just shift the public practice away from profit makers!