Shameful. Utah Driving Cards Likely Triggering Deportations

This is an outrage! The state made a solemn promise. It gave its word. If undocumented people registered for driver’s card--the state would not turn them in!

Now Trump's troopers are fishing into state records to go after people who have lived lawfully (except status) and responsibly for years in our state. ICE, using this data, is ripping Utah families apart. The 'proud sovereign' state must DEMAND that the Federal government in Washington stop using our state records for their vile purposes.

ICE guy says he can neither confirm nor deny that they are fishing for such information via Utah DMV records.

That almost certainly means ICE is misusing Utah records. The state must immediately deny ICE access to our state data until we receive airtight assurances that our state is not being betrayed by Trump and ICE.

Where, oh where is the state's rights posse now?

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