TrumpCare would have allowed insurance companies to opt out of ObamaCare requirements for Outpatient Care, ER, Hospitalization, Pregnancy, Mental Health, Drugs, Rehab, Lab Services, Preventative Services and Pediatric. It would also have changed the subsidies from an income base to an age base. IMAGINE THAT! What the hell good is insurance that does not provide those things?


WONK: Few things you need to know, ObamaCare vs. TrumpCare:

1. Obama gives government support based on INCOME. Trump subsidies are based on AGE.

TrumpCare subsidies stay flat. So the 30 year old gets the same $333 a month subsidy that the 63 year old gets. Problem is, the insurance premiums for a 30 year old average $296 a month, while the 63 year old premium averages $810 a month. See the problem with that? (Mike Lee is against TrumpCare because he does not want ANY subsidies.)

2. TrumpCare takes the compulsory out of health insurance. Sounds good--and probably polls well. But think about it. Old people are sicker than the young. Two choices, Obama plan includes an insurance pool for everyone that covers pre-existing medical conditions OR TrumpCare that allows the young to not have coverage. If you take out the mandatory element, you then have a pool of only older, sicker people. Of course that will not work.

America has mandatory car insurance. Not just to protect the insured but also to protect society. When people use their 'freedom' to not have car insurance and hit a child--society says it has a responsibility to make sure innocents and taxpayers are protected. Same is true with health insurance. If that young, invincible, uninsured gets cancer or in a motorcycle wreck--we all pay.

Without a mandatory element, none of these healthcare plans will work.

Odds and Ends:

TrumpCare includes massive cuts to Medicaid.

TrumpCare defunds Planned Parenthood.

TrumpCare bizarrely has 66 pages devoted to ensuring lottery winners don’t have access to Medicaid.

TrumpCare says anyone who goes without insurance for two or more months and then tries to sign up for coverage again is fined 30% more on their premiums for the next year. (Fines goes to insurance companies.)