Seriously, Ship McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer and Ryan Off to Guantanamo for a HealthCare Solution! Real Utahns are Dying While You Fight Your Political Blah Blah!

Prison food, no staff, no lobbyists, orange garb, no cell phones and no one can leave until they come up with a long-term, common sense bill that we all don’t love--but that we can all live with. Maybe one secure line out--ONLY to the CBO so they can get definitive numbers!


Politicians, this is NOT about you. This is NOT about political wins for one side or another. This is NOT about posturing for political advantage in 2018. It IS about generationally solving the healthcare issue for ALL Americans. It IS about straightening out 18% of the American economy!


The question of the federal government’s involvement in health care was decided long ago. Last year, Medicare and Medicaid spent a little over a trillion dollars. That's 29% of our federal budget (states kick in hundreds of millions more). More than 120 million Americans are covered by the two programs. Total healthcare spending in the US was $3.5 trillion dollars (18.2% of GDP) in 2016. Money is NOT the problem! Politics are the problem!


Democrats, there ARE serious problems with ObamaCare. And of course, the Republican stinker of a proposal for enormous tax cut for the rich, disguised as a health care reform will NOT solve our crisis either.


The solution--Congress show some leadership. Negotiate for the long term! Off to Guantanamo! No torture waterboarding off the table--for now.