Rocky Mountain Power Wants Your Scarce Water

For their own selfish corporate interests, in 2016, Rocky Mountain Power (the utility that regulates the Governor, legislature and the PSC) stabbed Utah's nascent, independent rooftop solar industry in the back. Now, they are going after our Utah water. (RMP) has announced their intention to divert large quantities of the Bear River upstream of the Great Salt Lake.


The amount of municipal water to be diverted from Bear River Water Development is 220,000 acre-feet, the same amount of water that an average American city of 2 million people use in an entire year.

If RMP gets its way, the shrinking Great Salt Lake could be devastated. The Bear River represents approximately 60 percent of surface inflow water entering the Great Salt Lake, the fourth largest terminal lake in the world. The RMP plan to divert the Bear River, would lower the Great Salt Lake several feet, drying up tens of thousands of acres of wetlands around the lake.

An abundance of research demonstrates that inexpensive alternatives exist to provide municipal water for the Wasatch Front’s future population growth. In other words, Bear River Development is never needed.

The voice of honesty on this issue is Utah Rivers Council--support them. Here is their story