Remember This Orrin?

Did Orrin Hatch’s braggadocio save Osama Bin Laden?  Was it a bragging Intelligence Committee member Orrin Hatch who, in 2001 who leaked to the press that the CIA had been listening to the cell phone of Osama bin Laden?

Hours after the media reports from the leak--the CIA’s phone connection to the terrorist went dead. Thanks to that leak, it took another 10 years to get bin Laden.

Now, apparently there is a priceless human agent inside ISIS who reported that the terrorists were getting ready to bomb a commercial airliner via laptop. Trump's bragging to the Russians most likely ended that human intelligence in ISIS. BREAK

One thing Mitt and I agree on, Mr. Putin is not our friend. To read more, click this from a 2001 report in the Deseret News: