Personal Moment: My Husband Turns 50 in a Few Days!

You are my friends--I can talk here.

I may be the luckiest guy ever. Stephen and I are not stuffy or sentimental people, but my husband is hitting the big 50 milestone in a few days. I have been watching him lately. A little unusual after 30 years together. I love what I see. No one ever worked harder in life--with some serious handicaps that would overwhelm other people--but Stephen never complains or makes excuses.

This week he is moving our whole art warehouse operation (with a couple of great friends--Lee and Igor). Manual work from 7AM. He comes home about 8 at night and labors at the computer until late. Such a work ethic. He has always been like that.


I get the kudos, Stephen does the real work. If it wasn't for his supporting me in every way over the last six years (especially financially) I would never have been able to follow my passion--of full-time politics.

Thanks Stephen and Happy Birthday. Enjoy the next 22 days in your 40's, old man!

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