Orrin Raised $10,504.24 a DAY, Seven Days a Week Over the Last Three Months. And He May Not Even Run!

Truth is, our country's politicians are for sale. It all the same--Republicans and Democrats. Imagine, Orrin Hatch is not even sure he is running again but he added $945,382 to his campaign in the July-September period ALONE. That's $10,504.24 a day. Orrin's total war chest today totals $5,645,965. We the People-of all parties-need to take our country back from the lobbyists and special interests!

Top Hatch Contributors, 2013 - 2018

Contributor Total Individuals PACs

Blue Cross/Blue Shield $79,700 $3,000 $76,700

Ernst & Young $76,950 $44,450 $32,500

Koch Industries $69,500 $39,500 $30,000

Amgen Inc. $69,010 $39,010 $30,000