Letter: Put Dabakis on the UTA board

First Published Jun 08 2017 05:51AM    •    Last Updated Jun 08 2017 05:51 am

I know the Salt Lake City Council does not like the Salt Lake City mayor. But the members are wrong to oppose her on everything.

Put Jim Dabakis on the Utah Transit Authority board. I, as a resident of the city, want someone on that board who is not beholden to anyone. I do not trust UTA and I do not think they deserve public money the way they operate, but they are supposed to be a public thing; I know not what. So far it is a good-old-boys club.

So put Dabakis on there so we have a voice we can trust to say "no" in our voice until he understands what is going on. Then maybe they will get the funding they need. And open some doors.

Salt Lake City