Less than 7% of Utah Insurance Rates Are Going Up 39%! Real Story--It’s Trump’s Conniving

Total BULL! Many blaring headlines that Utah Insurance rates going up 39%, is fake news. The truth is, that due to Trump and GOP conniving, the 6% of Utahns that get insurance through an individual Obamacare plan will go up a lot, but that change will affect no one who gets insurance from their employer!

The reason costs are going up is because Trump, Hatch and Mia WANT it to go up. They are once again playing politics with the lives of Utahns! Under the ACA, low-income Utahns rates were subsidized by the feds. The Trump Administration and their buddies in the Utah DC Delegation refused to commit to the subsidies next year. So, the for-profit insurance companies had to raise the price of their policies to cover 100% of the cost.

And, the busy Utah GOP Congress was too tired and did not pass a reauthorization of CHIP, Children's Health Insurance Program. That program money ends tomorrow. Dumping thousands of low-income Utah kids into the uninsured bin!

Due to their ideology and coddling of the extremists in their party our state is guaranteeing ---many poor people in Utah will lose insurance. Some will die but-- our delegation can tell the next GOP state convention---'we told you so, Obama care does not work!'