Legislature, Governor. Admit the Obvious and Dump 0.05 DUI!

Dear Legislature and Governor. You're not-well-thought-out 0.05 DUI is killing the Utah tourist buzz. I know you don't like any drinking at all but tourists and conventioneers come to Utah and spend, spend and spend. They then leave their millions and go home. (And we do not need to educate their kids).


Let's not kill the golden tourist goose with goofy, unproven, dumb, weird laws that help no one except the Colorado Convention Board! NO MORE OUTDOOR RETAILERS FIASCOS, where your ideological temper tantrums cost hundreds of Utahns their jobs--and our state millions in desperately needed fresh cash!

Read the Boston Globe Story: http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/travel/2017/07/13/welcome-salt-lake-city-america-super-gay-super-cool-hipster-haven/Z7c6gkIeTDLaDBYLXgCgeJ/story.html?event=event25