Lee's Healthcare ‘Plan’-Put Utah SICK and ELDERLY into a Segregated Pool

Get all of Utah’s vulnerable into one pool--and then do what Senator? Will you look down into the pool you created and eat cupcakes watching amused, as your constituents struggle and drown? What do YOU think is going to happen if you push Utah's sick, elderly and poor into one insurance pool?

Understand what Lee is holding out for in his healthcare vote extortion. As the towel holder for big insurance and pharma, Lee wants big insura to get back their veto power over people, so that the insurance bean-counters can again reject people with preexisting conditions. Lee's plan would put all the sick and elderly together on a special-insurance pool island, where they can be charged thousands of dollars a month in premiums, that most will clearly be unable to pay. Then, I suppose we will watch as these, our sick move on to bankruptcy, suffer and die! Just like before.

Senator, insurance by definition is where we all jump into the same pool together with our sick neighbors, our grandparents and our school kids with leukemia and autism. We help each other. Then, if a terrible catastrophe happens to us or our family--we have a way out!

Finally, Senator, calling your rigged, staff orchestrated, phone PR stunt a 'town hall' would make our founders squirm. Cutting off constituents, some desperately in need of healthcare and refusing to listen to the other side--that sir, is chickens*&%!

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