Before the Utah Supreme Court: Do Trans People Deserve Respect from the State of Utah?

Before the Utah Supreme Court last week: Should our courts be allowed to change birth certificates to reflect the correct gender identity of a person? YEA to the brave couple that brought this case, Sean Childers-Gray and Angie Rice, love them.

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In State Taxes, Winners and Losers From the Trump/Hatch/Love Tax Plan

Chair of State Tax Commission, John Valentine, on the Tax Bill's effect on Utahns:

“Average Joe” married with three kids using standard deductions with an adjusted federal gross income of $70,000 per year would see his state income tax GO UP about 9 percent, from $2,500 a year to $2,733.

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Mayor Brent Taylor is Being Deployed to Afghanistan For a Year

Brent is a former FBI agent, he is deeply red and a very conservative Republican--that I would vote for in a heartbeat.

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Congressman Rob Bishop says Patagonia is Lying about Bears Ears.

Some people say Rob Bishop is Lying about Patagonia. Who do you trust?

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Will UTA Ever Get Back Their Lost Trust--Not With Deals Like This

Who is keeping an eye on the UTA? Regular SLC riders pay $2,376 for an annual pass. But the UTA gives BYU and UVU students, employees and SPOUSES the same passes for $20 a year!

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Mia said nothing

First, he spoke of Mexicans as drug dealers and rapists. Mia said nothing; she is not a Mexican.

Then, he spoke of banning Muslims from entering our country. Mia said nothing; she is not a Muslim.

Then, he mocked a reporter who has a disability. Mia said nothing; she is not disabled. MORE

When he called Mia's family's country of origin a shithole, Mia finally spoke out.

But it was too late. His attacks are now the accepted Republican norm. So Mia stood alone. Hatch, Lee, Stewart, Bishop and Curtis said nothing. Is Mia finished speaking out?

Breaking down President Trump's plan for two Utah national monuments

By Glen Mills - Good4Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – On Monday, President Donald Trump arrived in Utah and  signed two proclamations to drastically reduce the size of Bears Ears and Gand Staircase Escalante. 

Democratic Senator Jim Dabakis of Salt Lake City and Republican Representative Dan McCay of Riverton stop by Inside Utah Politics to discuss their thoughts on these upcoming changes. 

"This is where our soul is, this is where our heart is, this is the place Utahn's, America and the world need to go and be inspired and what the president did is a catastrophe. Not just for Utahn's today, but for future generations," said Dabakis.

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Out of Trump’s monument actions, Rep. Chris Stewart seeks to create a new national park, but critics call it a ruse

By Thomas Burr - Salt Lake Tribune

Washington • Rep. Chris Stewart said Tuesday he’ll introduce legislation to turn a piece of the now-dismantled Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument into Utah’s sixth national park.

And a fellow Utah Republican, new Rep. John Curtis, unveiled a measure to add law enforcement to the two remaining swaths of Bears Ears National Monument, forbid oil and gas drilling and mining in the region and give tribes a role in managing the lands.

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Protesters Push Back on Trump Plan to Shrink Size of Utah Monuments

By Brian Freeman - NewsMax

Image: Protesters Push Back on Trump Plan to Shrink Size of Utah Monuments

A day before President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit Utah to announce that he is dramatically reducing the size of at least two national monuments, protestors spelled out “Go Home Trump” on the lawn of the State Capitol, The Salt Lake Tribune reported on Sunday.



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Protesters spell out 'Go Home Trump' on Utah Capitol lawn ahead of Trump visit

Protesters spell out 'Go Home Trump' on Utah Capitol lawn ahead of Trump visit
© Twitter

Protestors spelled out “Go Home Trump” on the lawn of the Utah State Capitol just one day before President Trump is set to travel to the state to announce that he is shrinking at least two national monuments.

The 113 protestors, all wearing white jumpsuits, laid out on the state capitol lawn on Sunday to form the message to Trump, according to The Salt Lake Tribune.

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