From My Heart. Bears Ears Should Not Be Shrunk--Even By One Acre

It is so depressing that gerrymandering has created a Utah DC delegation that does not have even one member who will stand up for the 52% of Utahns who want Bears Ears protected as public land! The Trump/Zenke Bishop Plan will create perpetual uncertainty over public lands in Utah.

Trump Inc just can't wait to sell off our most sacred national land. This is not complicated. It is just another in a long line of blatant handouts to the oil and gas industry.

Shame on you Rep Bishop & Utah DC Gang--your great grandchildren and generations of unborn Utahns and Americans will remember your actions with a hiss and a byword--you have not protected this vulnerable land, you have left it to the rapists.

Trump is opening a terrible can of worms by claiming he is authorized to willy-nilly change all monument designations made since 1906. If Trump succeeds, clearly the next president can and will do the same.

On Bears Ears--the Native American Tribal leaders wanted 1.9 million acres. Obama gave just 1.35 million acres. Trump is talking about a reduction to 200,000 acres.

Guess what--the next President may go with 2.5 million acres at Bears Ears.

The inconsistency will destroy Utah's local government ability to plan. The Trump approach will open the door to the short-term profit land exploiters, who thrive on ambiguity.

Dueling Monument Declarations is no way to make policy. Reasonable, collaborative Congressional action is the way to act. But Mr Bishop, you never even got a vote on your three-year fiasco, dog-and-pony show Public Land Initiative (PLI). I can't tell if you were stalling or just incompetent.

Mr Bishop it was your dismal failure of the PLI that created this mess. Just another example of Congress (particularly Utah's members) paralyzed and impotent. Dithering. Motivated by partisanism, not patriotism. Thanks, Chairman Bishop for your ideologically driven leadership!

Utah must do better with who we elect.


  • commented 2017-08-28 12:35:56 -0600
    Why should Bishop care about sacred Native American land. Now if it was Mormon sacred ground … a loud airport or smelly factory right next to a temple it would be a different matter. Being LDS I do prefer Mormon sacred ground be preserved … but I also consider Native American sacredness, and Catholic sacred ground, etc. to be equally deserving of respect.