For Rio Grande Homeless: Squeezing Utah Taxpayers for Millions--But Turning Up Nose to $677 Million in Utah’s Share of Medicaid Expansion

It's official, Utah-elected state officials can no longer call themselves fiscally responsible.

To pay for the Rio Grande operation, they are begging Trump for $70 million federal dollars in a Medicaid waiver. It could take years to get an answer back from DC. AND under their scenario, Utah must match with $30 million to get the $70 million in DC cash.

OR, we could just take Utah's share of full Medicaid Expansion TOMORROW and Utah low-income earners could receive $677, 986,874 in health care! Utah would pay 10% or $68 million.

Query, Which plan is fiscally responsible?

Plan A Utah gets $100 million, Utah pays $30 million

Plan B Utah gets $677 million, Utah pays $68 million

Call rejection of Medicaid whatever you like--but the GOP financing plan is NOT fiscally responsible for Utah's beleaguered taxpayers!

A message from a strong fiscal conservative Democratic progressive.

The People vs. The Powerful