Follow-Up. “Freedom Festival’ Decision to Discriminate Against LGBTQ Kids was Made by Director Paul Warner!

The Provo Herald got it right. Provo Freedom Festival is still smugly refusing to apologize or guarantee that the “no sides, only love” Encircle LGBTQ Family and Youth Resource Center in Provo can participate in their parade next year.

There is a simple word for this--homophobia. Two parade officials have told me they were not consulted, that the exclusion decision was made by Paul Warner, festival executive director. Many board members were mortified by Warner's actions!

Paul, you are correct, it is your own private parade--but if you want to discriminate--use your own money, not hundreds of thousands of tax dollars. Encircle families pay taxes, just as you do. There is a moral imperative that taxpayer’s money not support your prejudices.

Read the Provo Herald’s editorial here….