Equal Rights

The Issues:

Utah needs to do better! The Governor and Legislature too often feel threatened by diversity. They do not embrace it. Utah has the lowest amount of diversity in our judges--lower than Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Utah woman rank last or very near in the disparity between pay for men and woman. Our criminal justice system employees and management does not reflect diversity of our state. Utah’s state Boards and Commissions often just reflect ONE viewpoint--as appointments are made with advantage to conforming to the GOP party line.  

American democracy continuously evolves and incorporates the diversity of backgrounds and identities that make our country unique and strong. But under the status quo, in Utah not everyone can participate fully in our society, and many Americans do not fully enjoy the legal rights to which the constitution entitles them.

State government must then ensure access to education, work training and voting rights to help everyone thrive.

Too often in Utah, low economic and ethnic status limits our friends’ and neighbors’ contributions to our community. Many living in poverty lack affordable access to basic services.

DamnDabakis sees the formidable obstacles Utah women face to social participation and career success, and we know these obstacles hurt all of us. Sex should never determine a person’s pay, her or his career options, or her or his family options.

Members of many marginalized communities face discrimination in their daily lives, impeding their happiness, success and social participation.

Many people of color in Utah likewise do not receive de facto respect for their civil rights when dealing with access to public services and the justice system.

While our bisexual, lesbian and gay friends can now legally marry the person they love in Utah, too many LGBT Utahns face discrimination, violence and higher health risks. LGBT youth face disproportionate risk for bullying, homelessness and suicide.

Our Position: DamnDabakis believe economic inequality presents one of the most pervasive obstacles to social and legal equality. Utah must fund social services including affordable housing and healthcare to allow the most vulnerable in our society to survive. These governments must then ensure access to education, work training and voting rights to help everyone thrive.

DamnDabakis understands that the Utah strong criminal justice system constitutes a critical component of a safe democracy. Our criminal justice system faces tremendous pressure to absorb and rehabilitate offenders from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of needs, all with inadequate resources and flexibility. The current system in Utah has led to growing prison populations and a high recidivism rate. We believe we can improve the system through sufficient funding for drug rehabilitation services and restorative justice practices that enable those who have committed crimes to rejoin society through work and school.