Election Ethics

The Issues:

Utah has a terrible, dysfunctional public official ethics check-up system! It has unlimited corporate and special interests cash contributions. Many legislators receive less than 10% of their contributions from their voters. A majority receive more than 50% of their campaign money from PAC’s, corporations or special interests. It is the best political system money can buy! Utah is one of only four states with this corporate pay-to-play system. It is a SHAME. A DISGRACE!

America’s elections and political processes have become increasingly opaque and disconnected from voters. While political donations provide candidates the ability to engage voters, the rapid growth in spending over the past decade stems from a growth in the influence of moneyed special interests, not popular interests. Allowing money to direct politicians’ moves destroys their relationship with constituents and sows the seeds of corruption in policy-making.

The 2010 Citizens United decision undermined existing election finance laws which had bipartisan support. The ensuing deluge of money into politics has allowed candidates across the country to prioritize the interests of wealthy mega-donors who are no longer limited in their giving. Anonymity and the lack of accountability have clouded transparency in the electoral process.

Our Position: DamnDabakis believes that strong campaign and ethics laws will enhance voters’ power over their lawmakers and that a more transparent government will serve as a better government. Elected officials should be held accountable to these standards. They are not at present in Utah.