Deseret News Talks To Obama Interior Secretary Sally Jewell

Medicaid Expansion! Only one issue in 2018--How did your legislative candidate vote on accepting Utah’s full Medicaid Expansion? Both big Utah newspapers on Sunday joined me in saying Utah needs to take its cash. Here is my press release from last Friday and the Trib and Deseret News editorials.

From Dabakis Press release:

It's time! Today BOTH Tribune and Deseret News joined me. Friday, after death of repeal and replace, our press release begged Gov. Herbert to call special session on full Utah Medicaid Expansion.

"Governor Herbert, the battle is over. ObamaCare stays. It is time now for you and the Utah Legislature to take Utah's share of full Medicaid Expansion! Four years of dithering and political games need to stop immediately. Accepting full Medicaid Expansion would mean somewhere between $500-$700 million dollars a year to low-income Utahns. Give these families medical coverage!"

Dabakis continued, "Governor, don't stall. Call a special session next week. Create jobs, save lives, and do this unto the least of these. Put into practice what our state values teach. Take Utah's share of Medicaid Expansion just like our neighbors in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and even Montana. Why would you want Utah's money to go to New Jersey and California? Time to stop the political games and do what is best for Utah! People before politics. CALL A SPECIAL SESSION on Full Medicaid Expansion."


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