Breaking down President Trump's plan for two Utah national monuments

By Glen Mills - Good4Utah

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 Utah) – On Monday, President Donald Trump arrived in Utah and  signed two proclamations to drastically reduce the size of Bears Ears and Gand Staircase Escalante. 

Democratic Senator Jim Dabakis of Salt Lake City and Republican Representative Dan McCay of Riverton stop by Inside Utah Politics to discuss their thoughts on these upcoming changes. 

"This is where our soul is, this is where our heart is, this is the place Utahn's, America and the world need to go and be inspired and what the president did is a catastrophe. Not just for Utahn's today, but for future generations," said Dabakis.


Bear Ears is being modified from approximately 1.4 million acres to 228,700 acres, while Grand Staircase Escalante is being reduced from 1.8 million acres to just over a million. The downsize of these monuments is something that McCay supports.  

"Those were created because of politics. And you want to look at why it's beng reduced? I think you can look at the cry from the state legislature and the cry from several has been those monuments shouldn't have happened," said McCay.

They also speak about what they expect to see as these plans begin moving forward.

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