As the Rio Grande Homeless Project Moves Along…

A loving gentle reminder to policymakers that:

1. JUST arresting people has not worked for more than very short bursts. They will get out and be back on the streets lickety–splits.


2. Statewide, the number of substance treatment openings should equal--the number of people who want treatment. The only way to do that is is immediate, FULL Medicaid Expansion. That's $677 million--available right NOW. Millions could be used to help the homeless get treatment and medication.

3. Utah has 3,050,000 people. SL County has 1,100,000 people. Salt Lake City has 192,000 people. Homelessness is not just a Salt Lake City problem--people come from Davis County, St George, Richfield, Logan and even Utah, God's County. This bill must be PAID by all Utahns.

4. Fairly, costs of homeless should be allocated:

State of Utah 69.89%

Salt Lake County 25.6%

Salt Lake City 4.4%