Another Case of Corruption. Officials--Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Catch this, it is subtle--but corrupt and the kind of insider crap that comes from the rot of thirty years of complete one party rule. Take $120,000 a year of taxpayers money. Lauder it to a 'private' entity. Then politicos and lobbyists use it as a slush fund--to buy 'sponsored' stories in the Deseret News. Stories that make the lobbyists and elected officials look good. (BTW, notice the $10K a month cash flow to the Deseret News will continue. DN, the ETHICAL thing to do would be to end the contract--it is tainted money!).

There are laws against taxpayers funds being used for lobbying.

So, where do we, the people, go for justice--the Attorney General? Huh! Not for a second.

Republicans, Independents and Democrats we MUST have more balance in state government. Notice, this corruption follows the usual pattern in Utah--wrongdoing exposed--then an 'independant' GOP investigating body finds a fall guy. Then, everyone stops asking questions.

Move along--nothing here to see.

Here is the Salt Lake Tribune story