Amazon, Welcome. But, Governor, Do They Really Need State Taxpayer Corporate Welfare?

Another huge Utah state corporate 'give-away tax dollars lollapalooza'. This time it's for Amazon (gross sales 136 billion dollars--State of Utah Inc. gross $15 billion). GOED (Governor's Office of Economic Development) is shelling out $5.6 million of your tax dollars as a welcome wagon to Jeff Bezos!

Welcome, Amazon. Glad you picked Utah, but can’t you just do it on your own? All we are asking is that you pay your own way--just like 99% of Utah companies must. Same rules for YOU. We have so many school children, so few teachers. We have polluted air that needs cleaning. We have public land that needs protecting--I mean you get it. 

I guess you really can’t blame Amazon. I mean if someone wants to give you money--it would be foolish not to take it. It is GOED that is making the offers. GOED remains a covert state agency--as open as Trumps taxes. In this particular give-away, Utah was not competing with other states. Amazon is building this center to service Utah. 

It reminds me of the line from the movie Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts says to Richard Gere, “No need to flirt, the decision has already been made.”

Forcing struggling Utah brick and mortar stores to chip in to pay taxes to subsidize Amazon is not morally acceptable. And it does not make economic sense. It is not fair. However, politically, apparently, it is a home run-so – they do it.

According to the Tribune, in both Coppell, Texas, and Aurora, Colorado there was no state subsidy to build their Amazon fulfillment centers. Time for our state to stop picking winners and losers. There is a thing called the free market which seems to be thrown out the window as GOED pants and swoons the minute the giant corporations walk in the room and bat their long-lashed company eyes toward Utah. 

Yes, Amazon is 1500 jobs. 1370 of those jobs pay $2993 a month. Utah is at full employment; if Amazon wants to come to Utah--fine. Welcome. But why should hard hit upon taxpayers give Jeff Bezos welfare?