Expect to Meet Our US Senators at a Town Hall? HA! Think Again.

Want to meet face to face with Lee, Hatch, Mia, etc.? First, you better agree with them on issues. Additionally, giving cash to their campaigns or being a generous lobbyist or special interest gets you to the top of the face-time list.

Remember a time when Utah elected officials actually met with their constituents face-to-face? Everyone, of all opinions. Now, if you want to actually talk with our Utah DC Congressional delegation on any spirited issue--you better agree with them and you better not bring friends to the meeting.


If you disagree with their opinions and are very lucky, our elected 'representatives' might allow you to meet with a staffer. Or an intern. As with Lee did recently with on healthcare.


(I almost get weepy at this part) when Lee's staff benevolently offered that they are diligently making videos of real Utahns (imagine) for the Senator to actually watch. Of course, while he is far too busy with important work to meet in person with any constituents who disagree with his extremist healthcare position--videos are just as good, right?


Meanwhile, Mia has never had a non-rigged public meeting with her constituents. NEVER! Any possibility of meetings with non-beneficial people was quashed when Jason made the mistake of having his first (and only) real constituent meeting. Jason met real Utah people--and then he quit! As to the rest of the delegation, frankly, not sure anyone would want to meet with Bishop. His mind closed about 20 years ago and has fossilized to any new input other than his usual, stale blah blah. And Stewart, to his credit, did come to one open meeting (in three years), he even took questions. As for Orrin--well, he only speaks to donors, sycophants and of course, the gods.


  • commented 2017-07-10 16:42:58 -0600
    Since the 2014 election I have dogged Rob Bishop on his congressional web site with NO reply. This June he actually called me! After I picked up my phone and had a 40 minute discussion. How I would like to debate healthcare, the PLI, National Parks and the new budget proposal from trump. He called me back a week later he called me back to tell me his staff had located my additional emails. I will give him credit for calling, but he is a complete fossil, a confused ideologue and he did lie to me about the interests of the oil and gas industries that want Bears Ears! Shouldn’t have lied sir!